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? assuming a second term? carol roth and general beala our post debate company and we have business and politics coming for you. newsweek, can you believe that? newsweek is our first topic. ♪ >> we've been comparing this election race this year to the 1980 campaign. we're doing that a lot here on "varney & company." but we have been saying the president, president obama, is like jimmy carter. and somewhat of an unpopular incumbent. look at the latest edition of newsweek. a picture of president obama with the headline, wait for it, the democrats' reagan the and the subtitle what obama will achieve in his second term. carol roth and jedia, you first, welcome, that's a stretch, isn't it? >> it's hilarious, reagan ushered in a real recover than had a fake recovery as obama does. this is media spin and claim this is a great or atore and came out before the debate and that was not a reaganesque performance last night. reagan was a guy that could relate to americans, expressed empathy, was not arrogant and down to earth in his delivery, the complete antithesis of barack obama. he brough
, look at this, tracy byrnes, remember her? she use today know me and carol roth. do we need to be making a big deal about this? look at this. >> i went to a number of women's groups and told me could you help us find folks, and brought binders full of women. ♪ more than a woman ♪ >> we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. i went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us find folks and they brought us binders full of women. stuart: that binders of women comment has become a big deal. we all know, surely, that he meant that he had stacks of resume's from qualified women. and joining us now, look at this, tracy burns and carol roth. tracy, are you mortally wounded and offended by, or i forgot the words, binders of women. >> and everyone's forgotten it now. stuart: and the left has not forgotten it. >> then the left needs to get a life. those of us who have a life don't have time to dwell on this nan sense. he respects women and he's married to one and almost had condoleezza rice on hi
: all right, carol roth, you're in chicago and come and see us again soon in new york city, we'll be waiting for you, thank you very much, carol. >> got it. it's 9:49. your gold report. where are we? i've been away for a couple of days and we're still at the high level. not quite at 1800, 1767. the new york yankees pulled off a victory last night by benching a guy and putting in a guy making a fraction of the money. does it prove once and for all that money doesn't buy you victories. ♪ sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classe, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. m stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and plore your next investing idea. >> the yankees won in extra innings-- en that ball is driven to right. and we are tied! did he do it again? he did! >> whoa, that
the guy who plays him. according to tax return from pbs sesame sheet workshop. carol spinney who has played big bird since 1969 is paid $314,000 a year. big green for big yellow. plays oscar the grouch. liz: god bless america. also off the desk. there is a new deal in town. the 99 cent store looking to open a flagship store on rodeo drive. the tough economy is boosting demand for a bargain, even, ashley, in beverly hills. store next to wilshire boulevard, you have to go to fairfax. ashley: that's right. liz: best performer raking in out of all their stores, 12 million sales. the success proof even affluent customers are looking to get a bang for their buck. ashley: on rodeo drive. liz: i will see if they allow that the zoning board. ashley: that is your home turf. liz: watch neil cavuto tonight at 6:00 p.m. i weigh in on that. ashley: can't wait for that. time for the three things. liz: 8:00 p.m. eastern. ashley: time for three things you need to watch next week. number three, e.u. leaders, guess what they're doing, liz, they're meeting again in brussels next week to discuss greece,
strategist and former, former-- reformed investment banker, carol roth. welcome to the program. >> it's a long recovery period. stuart: okay, let's suppose that governor romney wins and the republicans do well in the senate and house, market rally? >> absolutely, romney is good for big business and good for small business. romney period is good for business. i think that a lot of what we're seeing is not only our favorite new word, uncertainty, but we have businesses unwilling to spend. they've got plenty of cash on their balance sheets, well over a trillion dollars, but they're not making the investments and they're not hiring and those are the things that lead to lower revenue and lower earnings, so they feel like they have an advocate. somebody who is not for only the freeway market, but a collaborator who will work across the aisle and avoid the fiscal cliff, i think it's going to be fantastic for everyone across the board and obviously, from a metric, the fundamental standpoint, if those earnings go up shall the markets go up, a very simple math. >> gung-ho airline. >> like kung
not major storms yet. i'm talking about storms like hurricane carol, hurricane edna which were all greater storms as far as the category levels than sandy was, but this is part of a natural cycle. cheryl: this is a superstorm. the subway system, it's -- you know -- >> this is why the saffir-simpson scale is outdated. i have a scale that shows you the overall power of the storm, the pressure. what happens is, you may have less wind over a larger area, but it still pushes in. the pacific is cooling. the atlantic is warm. guess what? 1950s right up the coast. cheryl: joe has been living at fox business and fox news for the last 24 hours. thank you for all of your help. >> i appreciate it. cheryl: we really appreciated you helping us cover the hurricane. >> thank you. cheryl: coming up everybody, melissa francis and ashley webster will have a lot more on superstorm sandy and the path of destruction that's been left behind including this pennsylvania. pennsylvania governor, over a million people are without power in his state, he will be here. keep it here on fox business. bob... oh, hey alex.
abnormally warm. carol, edna, hazel, all of these storms from the 1950s, donna, they all held their structure into the coast and that is what this is doing. dennis: not even raining in new york city but he is scaring us. >> to the right it as rain, to the left a lot of wind. cheryl: looks like the new york stock exchange will probably be closed tomorrow as well. charlie gasparino has that within the hour. >> making the decision o the sae consensus driven approach about tomorrow's market even half of what your prior guest talk about is true i would anticipate the market will be closed again tomorrow. we're already working as an industry to think ahead to wednesday. cheryl: saying he will push hard to open the exchange on wednesday. we'll keep you posted on fox business. dennis: sandy will cost millions and affect millions of people and caused williams of dollars. declines in coca-cola, starbucks giving direction on how to prepare and react to these storms. evan gold joining me now. they close the subways at 7:00 last night, it is not even raining in manhattan, what bigger portion of the cost o
our violence. >> moderator: i understand. thank you so much. i want to ask carol goldberg to stand up, because she gets to a question that both these men have been passionate about, it's for governor romney. >> the outsourcing of american jobs overseas has taken a toll on our economy. what plans do you have to put back and keep jobs here in the united states? romney: boy, great question, an important question because you're absolutely right, the place where we've seen manufacturing go has been china. china's mow the largest manufacturer in the world, used to be the united states of america. a lot of good people have lost jobs. a half a million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the last four years. that's total over the last four years. one of the reasons for that is that people think it's more offshore than to stay here. we have made it less attractive for enterprises to stay here than to go offshore from time to time. what i will do as president is make sure it's more attractive to come to america again. this is the way we're going to create jobs in this country. of -- it's not by
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8